Infinitely alluring, resolutely glamorous and uncompromisingly authentic, Hueb is not just a name, it is an emotion. An expression of art and elegance that is a true ode to the beauty of unexpected joy and the allure of the female spirit.


Hueb jewels not only capture emotions and timeless aesthetics with virtuosity in the processing of materials, but also evoke something quintessential, alegria, or joy, a mixture of joie de vivre and impulsivity; the Brazilian Alma.


Synonymous with luxury, excellence and craftsmanship, Hueb jewels transcend time and trends and create a new dimension of luxury, set in 18K gold using the finest diamonds and gemstones. Inspired by Brazil and celebrated across the globe, Hueb translates unbridled imagination, technical jewelry expertise and responsible sourcing design ecosystems that satisfy the most delectable tastes.


Design Team

All Hueb products are conceptualized and designed in North America

Trend Setter

Hueb prides itself on being trend creators with regard to precious color stone jewelry, climbers, chokers and more keeping abreast of evolving trends in the fashion industry

Data Based Modelling

Hueb’s designers look at various aspects of a piece’s technical specifications to study how their jewelry can be made more comfortable, wearable and cost effective.

International Supply Chain Management

Hueb believes in having a strategic alliance with multiple manufacturers in various geographies to receive the best of both, value and expertise over committing to a single location for manufacturing.

Transparent Compliance System

All of Hueb’s jewelry use conflict free mined diamonds, with thorough quality checks. Gold is sourced from institutions that follow strict levels of transparency. All of Hueb’s manufacturing partners follow the highest level of ethics with regard to labour laws and other compliance protocols

Trademarks & Patents

Hueb is in ownership of all trademarks and required patents for its brand assets, designs and manufacturing processes.