Being Not The Ordinary, But The Extraordinary

Being Not The Ordinary, But The Extraordinary

What defines being extraordinary? Is it when a woman goes beyond her boundaries, takes risks, works with courage? Or the thought that extraordinary women change perspectives? Or is the fact that SHE can take her decisions and choose who she wants to be? Or that when she chooses not the often trodden path that makes her extraordinary.

Being extraordinary is about carrying yourself with élan; be it the street or the red carpet.
Being extraordinary is about having a passionate pursuit of living life to the fullest.
Being extraordinary is about celebrating life in all its chaotic fullness.
Being extraordinary is about being vivacious and spontaneous.
Being extraordinary is about daring to live, being different.
Being extraordinary is all about accepting who you are.
Being extraordinary is about being the Hueb woman.

As they say, before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself. That is exactly what we did. Being extraordinary doesn’t come as a surprise to us at Hueb; it comes naturally to us. Because that is what we are all about. Creating and crafting extraordinary hand-made jewelry for the women who are all about living their lives in complete splendor and bold enough to make their own decisions. Creating splendid pieces that make a woman fall in love with herself.

So what makes us extraordinary?

Hueb is spearheaded by powerful women who translate the exceptional beauty that surrounds them into equally extraordinary pieces of wearable art. Designed by women; for women. When Fädua Hueb started out a few decades ago, she chose to create passionate jewelry that women would love to wear. She chose to create a collection of gemstones and diamonds sparked with golden accents; all of which were inspired by the color, energy, and natural beauty of Brazil. What defined the eclectic collection was that each piece was designed to compliment a woman’s personal style, rather than define it.

And what makes the Hueb woman extraordinary?

Her innate sense of style, cultural savvy, and self-assured nature. Independent and confident, she has a unique outlook on life. Her style is timeless yet modern, classically beautiful, yet eclectic and multifaceted. The Hueb Woman is anything but ostentatious, yet she never goes unnoticed. The Hueb woman enjoys wearing her jewelry rather than locking it away, and she looks for a keen balance of elegant detail and everyday style when accessorizing. Hueb designs pieces that are ideal for the woman with an exciting, multifaceted life. There is always a reason to celebrate the woman who loves to design the day, her way.

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