Reminiscent of the eponymous French textile finish, the Plissé Collection features 18k gold designs with diamond accents and pleated surfaces that add a new sensorial dimension to an everyday style.

  • Plisse Earrings in Rose Gold and White Gold with Diamonds-1
  • Plisse Ring in White Gold with Diamonds-2
  • Plisse Earrings in White Gold with Diamond-3
  • Plisse Earrings in yellow gold with diamonds, White Pearl-4
  • Plisse Ring in yellow gold with diamonds-5
  • Plisse Ring in Rose Gold with Diamonds-6
  • Plisse Earrings in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-7
  • Plisse Bracelet in Yellow Gold-8
  • Plisse Bracelet in pink gold with diamonds-9
  • Plisse bracelet in yellow gold with diamonds-10
  • Plisse Ring in yellow gold with diamonds-11
  • Plisse Ring in yellow gold with diamonds-12
  • Plisse Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-13
  • Plisse Bracelet in White Gold with Diamonds-14