With its contemporary designs paired with the simplicity of daisies, the Diamond Flower Collection combines classic and modern notes in an array of dainty 18k gold diamond studded pieces.

  • Diamond Flower Ring in White Gold with Diamonds.-1
  • Diamond Flower Earrings in White Gold with Diamonds-2
  • Diamond Flower Necklace in White Gold with Diamonds-3
  • Diamond flower earring in yellow gold with diamonds-4
  • Diamond flower necklace in white gold diamonds-5
  • Diamond Flower Ring in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-6
  • Diamond flower earring in white gold with diamonds-7
  • Diamond Flower Earrings in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-8
  • Diamond Flower Earrings in Yellow Gold with Diamonds-9
  • Diamond Flower ring in White Gold with Diamonds-10
  • Diamond flower earrings in pink gold with diamonds-11